Monday, as we would say if we would speak english

Knowing for sure I willl lose readers by writing in english, not to mention tomorrow, when it will be in finnish, I still want to express my silly feeling of happiness. As I said yesterday, my mind is old, but I can still feel, and I don´t mean only the feeling of hunger. I can feel happiness, although knowing that is a very relative feeling that will fade and be forgotten. As long as there is love and passion, there must also be happiness. Yesterday I was there... Today is monday and things that happen around me are monday things.
Monday things are, to mention just a few, coffee in the blue sofa in the teachers´ room, having a minimal group of 5 very silent kids in one of my classes, getting plans for the week changed all the time, which is no real problem, since I had never committed to any of them anyway.
This particular monday was planned to be the big grade awarding day. Although the woman who is needed for me to be consulted has strictly told me not to bother her before 13.20. Thant means that things, like writing this silly blog can be done right now. Later on it will be impossible, because after meeting the important woman, let´s call her Ringa-Mari nothing, and I mean nothing can possibly disturb me, because I´m going to be late. Very very late. At least we got a lunch called "Maggans goda gryta". I´ve Always wondered who this Maggan is, but after tasting her many times I must say she was a good woman... At least a warm one...
All things that I have to deal with prior to our away game in Oulu on thursday are sort of done... I trust Maiju, Richard and Kjelle to get there and also to bring the team back. If they can perform a decent game of football while up there it´s of course a great plus as well. That´s on the other hand the job of the players... Not much use of either Kjelle or Richard on the field I´m afraid. Not in the womens´ league anyway.
Sofia worked hard yesterday and even got herself a chance to score. Unfortunately she missed the goal by... Not so much...
As I said yesterday there will most likely be a live stream from the game on thursday. My wife will have to make herself useful and drive Edit to training. She mumbled something like "okeeeej" this morning. I´m not completely sure though if she knew what she was agreeing on. I have the feeling that she quite often just says "oookeeej" or "aahaa" just to make me stop talking. From time to time she surprises me by remembering what she, and even I have said, but you can never be sure when this is the case.
I had a phone call from my Chairman a little while ago. He asks me not to create a langague debate concerning Åland United. I´m definately not doing that, I can assure you. Anything that is not written in Swedish might, as we know, cause a riot on Åland, but I will not cause a debate. Everything that is said or written is not pointed at the self rule of Åland or at people not knowing the particular langague. It just happens to be said or written.
With this in mind I better go and do something they pay me for... For example finding kids trying to be creative and shout loud at them for that.... Training at Jomala Konstgräs at 16-ish....

Postat av: Fellis

Eftersom ÅU:s stadgar sager att föreningens språk är svenska så borde givetvis all kommunikation på hemsidan från föreningens sida ske på svenska, oavsett vad enskilda personer inom föreningen anser.

Svar: Den sker på svenska. Jag missade att översätta en text från engelska vilket jag ju har bett om ursäkt för! Något mera?

2017-05-29 @ 11:02:05

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